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Sports and performance psychology is a science, but coaching is an art. At Elite By Choice LIVE, you’ll learn the tactics and strategies to take your coaching to the next level. Invest three days for a lifetime of impact!

NOVEMBER 9th-11th, 2023 in AUSTIN, TX


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Calling all coaches:

The best don't stop when they get their best results. They continue to make their results better.

As coaches, we stand at the crossroads of dreams and achievements. Whether you're just starting or have years under your belt, clients count on you to guide them to their best. Step up, sharpen your edge, and deliver unmatched results.

At Elite By Choice LIVE you will:

  • Get coaching and feedback from Lauren Johnson and team

  • Discover the skills of the performance coaches that make it… versus those who don’t

  • Learn the marketing essentials to build and grow a thriving coaching practice

  • Create up close & personal connections with top Mental Performance Coaches and experts to take your coaching to the next level

  • Collaborate with other coaches to gain clarity and focus on the necessary next steps for your business

  • Challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone

Coaches bear the weight of our clients' aspirations and potential. Dive in, refine your craft, and amplify your impact.



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Who You’ll Learn From
at Elite By Choice LIVE:

Chris Caldwell

Chris is the founder of Sell As You Are, a sales training company based in San Clemente, CA. As a former trainer for one of the most successful training companies in the world, Chris took his experience and created the Sell As You Are methodology to empower sales professionals to elevate their performance by leveraging their unique strengths and authenticity.

Mikhail Alfon

Mikhail is the co-founder and CEO of Blue Light media, a California based creative marketing agency that helps brands create campaigns, assets, and get results. His work has been featured widely in publications including Entrepreneur Magazine and SEM Rush. Mikhail also hosts the 'Oversharing with Mikhail' podcast where his guests such as Erwin Raphael McManus and Johnny Chang get granular on a variety of topics.

Polina Marinova

Polina is the founder of The Profile, a media organization that publishes a weekly newsletter studying the patterns of the world's most successful people and companies. Previously, she spent five years at FORTUNE where she covered technology and venture capital. In her new book 'Hidden Genius' she shares "the secret ways of thinking that power the world's most successful people".

Jeff Couillard

Jeff is Co.CEO and Director of Learning and Development at The Ally Co., a leadership and culture consulting company that specializes in helping teams to deepen trust, ability, and impact through the conscious use of power. Jeff is an Advanced Trainer and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Right Use of Power Institute - an organization dedicated to promoting ethical and positive uses of power, globally.

Molly McQueary

Dr. Molly is an accomplished mental performance coach currently serving as the director of student athlete wellness at Michigan State University. Holding both a masters and a doctorate degree in sports psychology Dr. Molly can be found holding team workshops, working 1:1 with student athletes as well managing the administrative side of the department.

Will Robbins

Will is a PGA (Professional Golfers Association) professional and entrepreneur owning multiple California based businesses that help revolutionize golf instruction worldwide by guaranteeing lower scores for golfers, more productivity for golf professionals and more enjoyment for both. After surviving a natural disaster in 2004 and embracing a "second chance at life" Will works tirelessly to bring enjoyment and improvement to people's lives through sport.

Lauren Johnson

Lauren owns and operates Lauren Johnson and Co., a full service mental performance consulting company that provides coaching and education for teams and individuals. Lauren worked with elite level teams such as the New York Yankees and the US Women's National Soccer (USWNT) along with corporations such as Google and Mass Mutual. Through real world examples and tangible action items Lauren uses the latest scientific research to help her clients perform at their best regardless of circumstances.

Frequently Asked QuestionS

What is the schedule for the event?

We will be sending out a more detailed itinerary in the next few weeks. The overview is as follows:

- Thursday 11/9: Welcome Dinner 5pm-9pm

- Friday 11/10: Event Day 1 9am-3pm (Lunch and snacks provided)

- Saturday 11/11: Event Day 2 9am-2pm (Lunch and snacks provided)

If you have any other specific questions feel free to email

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself and an open mind! We will be providing journals and pens to take notes as well as food during the event. If you have any dietary restrictions, feel free to bring your own snacks/food.

Where should I stay? Is there a host hotel?

Attendees are responsible for their own accommodations so feel free to stay where you are most comfortable. There are many great options in downtown Austin. The speakers and event staff will be staying at the Hyatt Centric (Congress Ave & 7th St.). You are welcome to join us there!

Can I attend virtually?

Unfortunately, no. This event is meant to be experienced in-person. Attendees will have an option to purchase the recording of the event, but this is only available to attendees.

I am not a Mental Performance Coach or Sports Psychologist, can I still attend?

Absolutely, however we are very selective with who attends. Over the years, we've had attendees outside of the Mental Performance industry attend. The ideal way to proceed is to complete an application and inform us of what you hope to gain from the event.

How can I get the most out of attending EBC Live?

It's important to come prepared with specific goals and questions in mind. Attendees should also take advantage of networking opportunities and engage with speakers and other attendees to maximize their learning experience.

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Elite By Choice LIVE

NOVEMBER 9th-11th, 2023 in AUSTIN, TX

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